These dive sites are just the ones already known to the world, but it will give you an idea about what to expect before your trip there. If you spot a site that catches your eye, tell your cruise director, and if schedule and timing permits, we might just accede to your request!

World Famous Dive Sites

Palau, the republic and the World's first 100% Ocean Shark Sanctuary. and soon, the world's first 100% Marine Sanctuary.

The Republic of Palau is unrivaled as a diving destination. Situated between the Philippine Sea and northern Pacific Ocean. The striking limestone islands emerge from crystal clear azure waters and three ocean currents which converge in its waters, bring with them a dazzling array of marine life, affording even the most experienced diver and underwater photographer impressive diversity and exciting diving opportunities.

Palau presents visitors with magical blue holes, captivating wartime wrecks, pristine coral reefs, mysterious caves and tunnels, more than 60 vertical drop-offs to explore, and an astounding assortment of coral, fish and rare sea creatures. You can dive the same site again and again and have entirely different experiences each time.