Exploration Expedition:

The Deep South Islands of Palau – Including the legendary “Helen Reef"

04 February - 15 February 2021

Why is it that we dive? Is it to experience a world so unlike that of our own, where so few have seen? Is it the social aspect? Sharing in those intimate moments with nature that only those present could possibly understand… Or is it to be closer to the likes of the great explorers; the pioneers such as Jacque Cousteau?

Do we not as divers deep down yearn for that feeling to be where few or even no one has been before? With the sophisticated technology of this day and age, there are few places on this planet one can venture to and truly be an explorer.

This is the feeling and the opportunity we’re excited to now offer as an exclusive trip beginning in February 2021…

The MV Solitude One, the ship that has voyaged across the Eastern Seas of Palau to the remote island of Woleai for scientific research; the vessel built to weather any storm, that on a regular basis ventures to the Ocean’s far reaches and back with ease.

Solitude One will be preparing for another grand journey...
On 4thth February till the 15th February 2021 as we will be
exploring the Southern Islands of Palau among which
is Helen Reef, famed for being
the most species-rich reef in the Pacific.


map of palau


It is necessary to preface by reiterating the fact that this is in exploratory trip. Thus when it comes to the exploration dives themselves, it might be neccesary to abort after a brief period in order to drop elswhere. That being said, through the conservation and scientific research that has been done in this part of the world, the trip promises a lot (as well based on our previous expedition) - However, we cannot gurantee specifically what we will see other than pristine reef and an abundant variety of marine life. Researchers to have visted described it as the most species-rich reefs in the Pacific and with the total area of Helen Reef being so vast (163 Square Kilometers), it leaves us with plenty of untapped dive sites to explore.

What we can promise you is a trip like no other, to be a part of voyage that opens up new untouched dive sites. To be among a rare, elite group of divers to have names such as "Helen Reef" and "Merir Cave" in their logbook. In future years you'll be able to look back and regail people in tales of how you were among the first to dive in the Deep South of Palau.

We can gurantee that those onboard will share equally the passion for diving, the unknown and of course adventure. To share in discovery is a truely special moment that comes about so rarely.

what to expect from "mv Solitude one" on the trip

Solitude One is our flagship, 52m steel-hulled vessel - Since acquiring and refurbishing her, she's led countless trips around the well known areas of Palau. Additionally, Solitude One was tasked with the transportation of a group of scientists to the far Eastern islands of Palau, more specifically Woleai. As well as every year running dive trips to Tubbataha, Philippines and crossing between there and Palau.

It will not be the first time that Solitude One has made the Voyage to the Deep South, thus we know that it is no challenge for her. However, the pevious trip was combined with the well known dive sites of Palau leaving not enough time to do much exploring in the South. This time around our objective is to discover new places!

Solitude One was purpose built with our guests in mind. With the latest in on board technology, she ensures all guests are safe and comfortable at all times. This enables our highly trained and experienced staff to do what they do best; making your trip as wonderous and rememberable as possible.

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