These are the people responsible for bringing you that unforgettable experience on the Solitude Liveaboards. Their professionalism, camaraderie and teamwork is what makes them the A-Team in luxury liveaboard diving.



Cruise Director

Hailing from Valladolid, Spain, Alfonso decided to trade in his corporate suits for a wetsuit and sail east to explore the waters of the famed Coral Triangle. He could still put his accounting skills to good use though, as Finance Controller for PT Odyssea Utama, owner of MV Odyssea 1 and the Cocotinos Resorts in Manado and Lombok. As Cruise Director for the MV Odyssea 1, MV Mermaid 2 and KLM Aurora, he controlled and supervised all operations on the vessels. And in all his time spent diving the pristine waters around Bali, Komodo, Flores and Raja Ampat, Alfonso is proficient not only in Spanish and English, but in Bahasa Indonesia as well. Now that he has joined Solitude Liveaboards, this charming Spaniard will once again take the helm as Cruise Director together with Silvia Perez, ensuring that your time on Solitude Liveaboards is a memorable one.



Cruise Director

Never underestimate her sweet, beguiling nature, because Silvia is a human dynamo who can match any male in endurance and strength of character. At 12 Years Old, she wore her first pair of fins guided by her father, the founder of Ali-Sub Dive Centre in Alicante, Spain. Since then, Silvia hasn’t looked back and started her path towards being a professional diver, loving and appreciating the ocean. Highly trained technically as an instructor in Technical Foundations (and an SSI Instructor) with diving tenure in Bali, Komodo-Flores, North Sulawesi and Andaman Seas, Silvia will be a huge asset to the Solitude fleet . Silvia is proficient not only in Spanish and English, but in Bahasa Indonesia as well. Besides diving, Silvia is also a criminology graduate from Spain, her petite frame fills very big shoes, taking huge strides in the diving industry few women have ever dared to tread. Having helped run operations for the Odyssea Divers (Cocotinos Manado), MV Mermaid 2 and KLM Aurora, Silvia will be also be the Cruise Directo in tandem with Alfonso with Solitude One.




Andrew is the veritable overseer for making dreams a reality. Having put together and managed, amongst a few, Odyssea Divers, MV Odyssea 1 (liveaboard) and Cocotinos Boutique Resorts & Spas, Andrew now puts his expertise in the Solitude brand, creating a new definition to liveaboard luxury in Palau from September 2013. A man of action, Andrew takes concepts and ideas puts his unmistakable stamp on it and creates a product people want to be associated with on both ends. Not only does he shape brands that are synonymous with quality and service, he believes in bettering lives in the local communities too. His successes are counted by the number of people whose lives he has affected through his friendship, professionalism, integrity and wisdom.