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Solitude One spends her time between Philippines and Palau. Doing the best of the diving seasons that allows us to bring our guests in the comfort and confidence of her seaworthiness of a 52m (171ft) mono-steel hull with a range of 9000Nm~.

Hosting our guests in Palau between the Months of November to April, and in the Philippines Sulu Sea from the Months of May and June diving the Unesco World Heritage of Tubbataha Reefs. The rest of the year is reserved for special expeditions that from time to time, open to public's participation and of course, the important maintenance of our vessel to keep her ship shape!


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Booking Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions under which Solitude Liveaboard cruise products are made available for sales. Once you make a payment towards your cruise, you become bound by these Booking Terms & Conditions, so it is important that you read them carefully. Unless otherwise stated, the following are the definitions used in sales, reservation and travel for Solitude Liveaboards, i.e. Solitude One, Solitude Adventurer.




Solitude World Pte Ltd

The management (including sales & marketing) and holding company of Solitude Liveaboards. A Singapore incorporated company.

PT Mega Adventure Indonesia

The operation management and owner of KM Mega Adventurer

Megayacht Charters Pte Ltd

The Principal Owner of KM Mega Adventurer and of which all booking sales made shall be invoiced from.


Solitude Liveaboards & Resorts c/o CKM2 Holdings Pte. Ltd.’s directors, management, property owners, property staff, vessel owners, vessel crew, associate companies and subsidiaries.


Guest accommodation (room) on board

Guest(s), You, Your

Solitude’s prospective and/or actual clients who will/are undertaking the services rendered by Solitude

3rd person sharing / Triple Sharing

A 3rd person sharing option is when 3 guests share one cabin with his or her own bed

Twin Sharing

2 Single Beds in one cabin

King Sharing

1 King Bed in one cabin


Single person not on cabin single-supplement who is open to sharing with another person.


The vessel which is operated provided by Solitude as the carrier on which you travel and/or any substituted ship


The liveaboard’s scheduled itinerary including embarkation (departure) date and port to disembarkation (arrival) date and port, in-water activities, underwater activities, food, beverages, facilities and water transportation provided by us.

cruise fare

The total amount paid, excluding Optional Facilities and Services Fees, in exchange for the Cruise.


An enquiry/inquiry is made when a party submits a question on availability for a specific cruise number/date for booking


A reservation/booking is made when an enquiry for availability is positive. An invoice will be raised for the reservation/booking and send to enquirer for payment. However, it is not a confirmation of acceptance of the reservation/booking by Solitude until full payment is received.

Confirmation of Service Exchange

A confirmation of service exchange will be issued to the enquirer once full payment is received for the reservation/booking.

Enquiries/Inquiries can be accepted by verbal or written method of communications. However, Reservations/Bookings are given in writing on email only and the enquirer will receive an invoice requesting for payment to confirm the reservation/booking. Once full payment is received, a Confirmation of Service Exchange Voucher will be issued.


Unless otherwise stated in specific promotional sales literature, to confirm a reservation/booking, a minimum deposit of 15 % of the total cruise fare payable must be received by Solitude within 14 days of the date of your booking confirmation issued by us. Additional 20% of the total cruise fare must be paid no later than 300 days (total of 35% is required if departure date is less than 300 days) and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 60 days before the departure date of your cruise. If a reservation/booking is made in 60 days or less to the departure date of your cruise, full payment of the cruise fare is required within 14 Days of the date of your invoice to confirm your reservation/booking.

All bank charges (commissions, telex fees, etc) including the beneficiary’s must be borne by you. Solitude reserves the right to refuse any guest to be provided with the cruise service including embarking the vessel if the cruise fare is not fully paid.

Solitude reserves the right to assume a cancellation is made by you on your reservation if the above payment terms for the cruise fare are not fulfilled.


Amendments or cancellation of confirmation of Solitude service exchange must be made in writing to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Any amendment, including transferring your cruise fare already paid to another person, request to your reservation is subject to acceptance and/or availability by Solitude. If Solitude is unable to accommodate your request, the standard cancellation charges below shall apply.

Unless otherwise stated in the sales literature, the following cancellation charges will be applied to each invoice.

Notice made days prior to embarkation/departure

Cancellation Charges

300 days or More

5% of Total cruise fare or 0% if credited for rebooking

60 days to 299 days

30% of Total cruise fare or 10% if credited for rebooking

59 Days or Less including No Show

100% of Total cruise fare

Cancellation Charges for other additional facilities and/or services that are not part of the cruise fare are subject to the provider rendering those facilities and/or services and may be 100% non-refundable.

Any bank charges or third-party administration fees that may arise from any cancellation or amendment shall be borne by you.


Solitude endeavours to provide the cruise as booked and paid for in accordance with our published schedules and itinerary. However, Solitude reserves the right to make any alterations to any itinerary as deemed necessary. Solitude also reserves the right to cancel the whole cruise itinerary or any part of the itinerary for any reason, including an insufficient number of participants, inclement weather, logistics, mechanical, safety considerations, etc.


Solitude and its associates act only as service providers for the transportation, accommodation, scuba diving activities, boating activities and other principal service. We accept no responsibilities for civil unrest, terrorism, strikes, illness, epidemics, accidents, injuries, damage, loss and theft, quarantine, customs regulations, changes in flight itinerary, delays, deportation or refusal of entry by immigration authorities and other circumstances beyond Solitude’s control.

In case where an amendment is made by Solitude to overall cruise duration, the affected cruise guests will be offered a credit or refund of the cruise fare pro-rated by the number of days reduced from which the cruise itinerary was scheduled for.

In case where a cancellation of a cruise is made, Solitude shall endeavour to provide suitable recourse which include, but not necessary limited to, participating on another available cruise offered by Solitude, full refund of the cruise fare amount that is already to Solitude (credit for future booking or cash) to the affected cruise guests’ consideration. If no recourse offered by Solitude can be accepted by the affected cruise guests, Solitude shall reserve the right to provide a full refund of the cruise fare amount that is already to Solitude in cash and consider the refunded cruise booking as cancelled.


You are to have a valid visa (if required) and international passport with a minimum of SIX months’ validity from the date of entry to every country which Solitude operates in (which may be 2 or more countries in a single cruise itinerary) and to ensure that you have sufficient number of empty pages in your passport for immigration entry visa stamp. Solitude will not be responsible for any inconveniences and incidentals caused by your failure to undertake this responsibility (including the verification of visa requirements). If any of Solitude’ guests should be refused entry into the country of the Cruise Embarkation and Disembarkation port, for any reason whatsoever, Solitude reserves the right to apply the “No-Show” cancellation policy and the affected guest(s) shall be responsible for all expenses that will be incurred due to such event, including returning home.


Travel Insurance is mandatory for all guests on board Solitude’s liveaboard. If you are undertaking skin and scuba diving activities, the insurance should provide coverage for scuba related injuries and international evacuations in addition to other standard travel insurance policy coverage. The insurance policy should cover international emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, baggage loss, hospitalisations, medical treatments including hyperbaric recompression, etc.

Solitude will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any expenses that may be incurred through lack of adequate or no insurance coverage undertaken by you.


All guests participating in recreational guided or unguided scuba activities must present their dive certification card and/or dive log book for verification. Solitude reserves the right to reject any dive participation or suggest a refresher course if any scuba participant is unable to perform dive skills at level deemed safe to continue participation in normal diving activities.

Solitude reserves the right to reject any participation in scuba diving activities if dive certification proof is not presented upon request.

No refunds will be granted if any guest is rejected from participating for reasons beyond the control of Solitude (ie. failure to provide proof of dive certification/qualification or health problems) from any activities that has been prepaid.


Solitude and its associates act only as service providers for the transportation, accommodation, scuba diving activities, boating activities and other principal service. We accept no responsibilities for civil unrest, terrorism, strikes, illness, epidemics, accidents, injuries, damage, loss and theft, quarantine, customs regulations, changes in flight itinerary, delays, deportation or refusal of entry by immigration authorities and other circumstances beyond Solitude’s control.

All guests participating in any form of scuba and skin diving activity (including boating, snorkelling) must sign and accept our Liability Waiver & Assumption of Risk form(s).

If neither party (Solitude, you, your client) will take any action, you agree that that the courts of the Republic of Singapore shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any litigation arising from any action you bring against Solitude; to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore; and to waive any and all personal rights under the law of any jurisdiction to object on any basis (including, without limitation, inconvenience of forum) to jurisdiction or venue within the Republic of Singapore for any litigation arising in connection with this Agreement.


Solitude, its Captains, General Managers (Cruise Directors), or any other deputized figures of authority onboard the vessels reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to disembark any guest (or confined in their cabin), in any port of call, for any reason, should they be considered a nuisance to or endanger the "quiet enjoyment" of guests onboard or if they are found to be a nuisance, threat or danger to guests, staff or otherwise hinder the safe and secure operation of the vessel or any associated land programs. Any guest(s) disembarked from the vessels are solely responsible for any costs incurred with repatriation. The full cruise fare will be considered earned and retained and no refunds or reimbursements given.

~~ End ~~